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  • About Us


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    Professional Team

    Zheng Jiang Pingyang Bonjee Machinery Co.Ltd

    Pingyang bonjee machinery company is a high and new technology enterprise with scientific research, design, producing ,after-sale service system by itself , Now, our main machinery products include : Paper plate making machinery, Paper cake tray machinery, Paper lunch meal box machinery, food carton erecting machine,paper straw making machine , paper lid making machine ,paper cup machine and package machine etc.


    Recommended Products

    Taking high-tech and high-quality as the starting point, we adhere to the management policy of “Quality First, Customer Satisfaction”, and provide customers with first-class paper container equipment, technology and raw materials.

    Company News

    Industry news Terminology Explain:General Name


    1. PE : Polyethylene ,
    2. PE Coating Weight: 1square meter coated PE film weight, 12---20 gsm

    Raw Materials(PE Coated Paper informations)


    Filtered film paper is used to make dishwares:it It means that the unpoisonous PVC paper is drenched on the paper's surface one side or two, the weights of filtered film paper is reckoned according to the weights of one coating PVC added 18 gsm paper.

    Working Principle Of Punching And Die Cutting Machine


    Punching and Die Cutting Machine working principle is the use of die-cutting knives, knives, metal molds, steel wire (or steel plate carved into the template), Punching
    and Die Cutting Machine through the pressure plates to exert a certain pressure, printing or cardboard rolled into a certain shape.

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